Look after your boat and it will give you years of boating enjoyment. Brunia can take care of all your maintenance requirements, from an outboard engine service to the removal of deposits and algae. We can also maintain your boat trailer.

Our workshop is equipped with everything we need to ensure your boat and engine are kept in top condition. The workshop of Brunia Watersport is located at the Veluwemeer, Biddinghuizen but if your boat is kept some distance away from this location we will be happy to collect and bring back your boat.


An annual service is important if you want your outboard engine to last as long as possible. Regular maintenance prevents costly repairs. Change the oil, lubricate the engine, replace the filters, clean the carburetor, check the cooling and tune the engine: these are just a few of the jobs we do during a service.

Our specialists tailor the service to your specific engine and use. We work on A-brand outboard engines, such as Honda, Yamaha and Mercury.

Engine failure? Or another problem? We also carry out repairs.


The boat itself requires regular maintenance and cleaning. This applies to polyester, wood as well as aluminium. The elements quickly leave their traces on the paintwork, steel, plastics and the lining. This has an impact on the boat’s appearance, such as yellow deposits for example. And if your hull is not clean and smooth, the resistance will increase, resulting in a higher fuel consumption.

We often give the boat a service when it is stored for winter. We do this as part of the winterisation programme. Of course, we can also give your boat a service when it is stored somewhere else.

We polish your boat whereby we remove minor, superficial damage and smooth the paint layer. We replace any parts, where necessary. Finally we give the boat a thorough clean and apply a new wax layer. This protective wax gives the boat a dirt-repellent layer as well as a beautiful shine. The result: your boat looks as good as new.

We also clean the hull. We remove any deposits and we also apply a wax layer to the hull. Do you want to find out more about maintenance to the hull? Read more about antifouling.


A professional build or finishing increases the reliability as well as the enjoyment you get out of your boat. Our people carry out this work with the utmost care, attention and expertise.

We offer build and finishing services for all types of boat, such as aluminium boats, Maxima boats and sloops whereby we will meet all your boat’s technical requirements. We will take into account your wishes and sailing style, whenever possible.

With Brunia you can be assured that nothing is left unfinished. Have you got a Maxima boat equipped with a bow thruster? Then we will provide a complete electrical kit that we can fit neatly onto a tailor-made electrical board.


Our professionals have years of experience in maintaining boats and engines. We continually develop our practical knowledge and keep up to date with the latest maintenance and cleaning techniques. We deliver quality work every time, so that you can enjoy your boat for years to come.