Are you curious as to who will be working on your boat? We will be pleased to tell you a little bit more about the history of Brunia Watersport and the various people who work here.


Sjouke Brunia bought his first boat twenty years ago. Within no time he became a true watersports fanatic. How some people feel about cars, he feels about boats. His hobby quickly grew into a business. Sjouke sold his first boats and engines from his father’s shed.

He soon started to take on other jobs as well. Besides selling boats, Sjouke also offered maintenance and repair services and the shed soon became too small. When people increasingly started to enquire about winter storage, he decided it was time to move. We built new premises with plenty of space for boats, engines and new staff. Today, Brunia Watersport is a thriving business located at the Veluwemeer.


When it comes to boats, we are true enthusiasts. Every Brunia Watersport employee has their own boat. And when we’re not in the workshop or the office, you are sure to find us on the water. Brunia will not only sell you a boat that is perfect for you but we can also repair, maintain, clean and store your boat.

Cas IJben – Storage operative and junior technician

Cas, together with Sjouke, organises the logistics within Brunia. He enjoys driving the forklift trucks in the storage facility and there is no boat that is too big or heavy for him. Additionally, he carries out all aspects relating to the service and maintenance of boats and also takes care of the antifouling of your boat. Cas is still studying and knows exactly what he wants: to further develop himself in watersports.


Jürgen Korenberg – Sales assistant and junior technician

Jürgen likes to be involved with the various sales-related processes. Did you notice how good our boats look? That is thanks to him. He prepares our boats for sale, carries out antifouling and painting, gives advice and demonstrations whilst on the water and also takes care of the aftersales process. In addition to his work for Brunia, Jürgen is studying too. He is an expert boatsman and enjoys helping you find your perfect boat.


Gert Jan Hobbelink – Watersport fan

Gert Jan is an invaluable volunteer in our company. He first came to us as a customer and enjoyed the experience so much he never left. Gert Jan has proven himself to be a true lifesaver during some of our busiest periods, usually during the summer, when he will assist us with our admin, among other things. He also likes to give advice to less experienced or new boat owners. You can spot him a mile off thanks to his bright smile whenever he has managed to make yet another boat spic and span.

Jelle Brunia – Facilitator

Jelle enjoys helping to build his son’s business. And we mean this literally. He builds platforms, stairs, frames and boat trolleys. Sjouke started the company in Jelle’s shed. Whatever the problem, he is sure to find a solution.

Jeffrey Verheij – Workshop manager

Jeffrey organises the service, maintenance and finishing of your boat from start to finish. He plans the work that needs doing to your boat and makes sure that everything goes smoothly. In addition, he is also responsible for the inventory planning and supervises the workshop team. Boats and engines hold no secrets for him. He is able to find out no time exactly what needs to be done. Curious how he managed to fix a particular problem? Jeffrey is only too happy to explain!

Karin Brunia – Marketing

Karin shows the rest of the world how much we enjoy what we do here at Brunia: she is responsible for our website and marketing. From social media to event flyers: Karin makes sure everything looks extremely professional. You can often find her in the office but she also feels at home in the shed and on the water.


Sjouke Brunia – Owner


Sjouke is the founder of Brunia. You can often find him on the Veluwemeer, but before you know what’s happened, he’s back in Finland to purchase some more fantastic new boats. He travels throughout Europe to find the best second-hand boats. What does Sjouke enjoy most about his work? Taking customers for a test run and seeing how they slowly fall in love with a particular boat. That is what it is all about for him.

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De bekleding van je boot staat continu onder invloed van wind, water en zon. Na verloop van tijd kunnen er beschadigingen ontstaan. Wij werken samen met professionals gespecialiseerd in het repareren van beschadigde bekleding. Indien nodig kan de boot ook opnieuw bekleed worden. De mogelijkheden hangen af van o.a. het type boot en de huidige staat van de bekleding, neem daarom contact met ons op om deze te bespreken.